SB crest


To combine forces is to ensure victory

The Southern Brotherhood is a pure PVP-Guild in the Aldmeri Dominion

The Southern Brotherhood are the caravan guards of the Va Khaj Dar Khajiit Guild.
As the Va Khaj Dar is very succesfull in Cyrodiil, many warriors have asked to join us.
This now makes it possible for all races to be part of our warrior force and join us in the conquest of the White Gold Tower.

some feats of the VKD warriors (they form the core of the Southern Brotherhood)

  • Drove back the EP on Skull Crusher (first main campaign)
  • Crowned several Emperors on Skull Crusher (from different allied Guilds)
  • Drove back the EP on Wabbajack (guest campaign)
  • Drove back EP on Hopesfire (current main campaign)
  • Made the enemy fear us on all campaigns we visited
  • Succesfully defended several AD keeps against overwhelming forces



Do you feel the itch to kill? Can you obey orders in the battlefield?
Love to do daring raids on keeps or defend AD keeps against assaults?
Then become a mercenary for the Southern Brotherhood Today!